leasing or buying a solar panel system

Leasing Or Buying A Solar Panel System – Make Your Choice

In today’s age, where almost everything we use is running based on the advanced technologies, it is time for us to put to use the same technology and save our planet. With the increasing population and consumption of the fossil fuels for so many purposes, the concentration of the natural resources is depleting with an increase in the environmental pollution. We need to step ahead and put forward our share of effort to reduce the pollution and save the planet. For this, the experts have come up with a solid idea of using the solar panels.

Solar panels are arrays of photovoltaic cells that absorb the sun’s rays and undergo a series of reactions to generate electricity that can be used to run electrical like lights, fans, coolers, ac, equipment, machinery, appliances, etc., at home, agricultural farms, industries, warehouses, and commercial outlets. Using the electricity generated from the solar panel for your everyday uses can reduce the utility bill amounts to a huge extent and help you save you money./p>

Before you switch to solar for your property, you will have to consider quite a number of factors. Getting a solar panel system installed is a huge investment and you should access all the factors before you take the final decision. You should consider your financial situation and if you still need aid, you could look for companies that provide the financing for solar panels, your environmental conditions, the electricity usage, etc. One of the most important points to consider while getting a solar is to know if you will be buying it or leasing it. In this blog, we will discuss the scenarios that may arise in buying or leasing a solar panel.

Purchasing a Solar Panel System – If you have the finances or can get a financial aid to purchase a solar panel system completely for your property, then you could make the investment without a doubt. Upon purchasing the complete solar panel system, you are sure to reap more benefits in the long-run. Apart from the environmental benefits, you will also have direct financial benefits in the form of saved bill amounts, federal & state tax benefits, etc. You are assured to have a definite and better ROI within a few years.

Most people, be it in the business sector or in the residential aspect consider the solar panels to be a depreciable asset and so they can reap more tax benefits. In addition to the direct benefits, installing a solar panel for your home or for your commercial outlet has known to increase the property value in the real-estate market and has a quick resale possibility compared to the properties that do not have a solar panel system.

Leasing a Solar Panel System – If you want to switch to solar, but do not have the finances to make such a huge investment, then you could choose to lease the system for your property. When you lease the solar panels, the arrays will be set up for your home or business and you can use the electricity generated from them for your everyday uses. But you will not have the ownership of the panel after the lease period. So, if you are living in a house or using a commercial property that has been leased and may move after the lease period, then you could choose to lease the solar panel system also.

Leasing a solar panel will not bring in any tax benefits for you. So, most people who are not eligible for the state or federal investment tax credits, incentives, etc., usually prefer to lease a solar panel system instead of investing a ton by purchasing it. By leasing out a solar panel system, you will be reaping the financial benefits a little lesser than the people who purchased it, but it is always better than having no solar panel at all. Also, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance and repairs of the solar panel system as the owners will be responsible for it.

There are quite a number of practical differences in buying and leasing a solar panel system in terms of the maintenance, costs, ROI, tax benefits, savings, etc. Before taking a final decision, you will have to consider all the details and then take a decision. In case you have any queries, you can always get in contact with our experts and explore all the options. By switching to solar, you will be making a positive change in the environment. Go solar now and save the resources.