other pointers to consider before getting solar panels for home

Other Pointers To Consider Before Getting Solar Panels For Home

In one of our previous blogs, we had already gone through a few checkpoints that should be considered before getting solar panels for home. Although most of the important points have been covered up in there, we thought of suggesting a few more pointers which should be taken into consideration before you make the final call regarding the purchase & installation of the solar panel system at your home. It is a known fact that investing in to go solar, you will be relatively saving your money in the long run, contribute to saving the environment and avoid a lot of future regrets. Here are a few additional cues that you could acknowledge while getting solar panels for home.

1. The Home Layout – Although it may sound surprising, the shape of the block of land on which your home is built or is going to be built will have a high impact on the working efficiency of your solar panel systems. If your plot or your home has a hill or any such obstacle on the eastern side or in the northern direction, it might to a huge extent, block the sun’s rays from hitting your solar panels. However, if your home is situated such that the hill or any such barrier is on the west or in the southern direction, more sun rays will hit your solar panels, and more power will be generated, increasing the efficiency levels of your solar panel systems.

2. Amount of Shade – Apart from the natural barriers in the landscape, you will also have to consider the other objects or obstacles that might cast a shadow on your solar panel systems pushing some shade on it. Things like how far is your neighbor’s building from your block, or the probability of a multi-storey building coming up close to your home, the presence of any tall vegetation, etc., that could possibly cast a shade on your roof all the time, should be considered well before you decide where the solar panels go on the roof.

3. The Roof Layout – Like the home layout, the same goes for the roof layout too, wherein it is better if the roof is facing the north or if it has an orientation in the western direction. With this kind of an orientation, more sunlight will be thrown over the solar panels, and the efficiency of the solar panels will be considerably increased. Also, the presence of chimneys, satellite dishes, air conditioning systems, canopies, etc., on the roof will have a considerable effect on the solar panel efficiency.

4. Ask Professionals – Undoubtedly, the experts in the field will have all the answers and will know what the right thing to do is. At FutureSolarUSA, you can apply for and get the required solar products & services, with the professionals on your side. The concerned team of experts will check your surroundings thoroughly and will design the complete layout accordingly, along with your builder or designer. Our technicians are experts in understanding the complete orientation, wiring, and other technical details of the entire solar setup, and will design a scheme according to your requirements & the location details.

Since going solar has become a trend nowadays, the demand for it has increased invariably, and so is increasing the number of manufacturers & providers of solar panels. Therefore, it is essential that you explore well about all the options & make the right choice. At FutureSolarUSA, we assure you will get the most efficient solar panels at the most affordable prices along with expert solar panel installation services. Our experts will be available all the time to answer your queries and will keep you updated with all the progress. So, go solar now and save your resources, along with the environment.