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Why Could Going Solar Be One of Your Best Financial Decisions?

You must have thought many times about going solar, but couldn’t do it due to many reasons. If you have the thought about getting a solar product for your home and are wondering when you should take the plunge, then this is the right time to get started with it. According to reports, almost 1.5 million residential solar systems have been installed in the US until now and the number is growing substantially. Although the choice of going solar is at its all-time high, there are still many people who are in a dilemma about switching to solar.

Apart from the financial benefits, going solar is also going to help in saving the natural resources. The coal, oil, and other fossil fuels are being used up to generate energy for human uses. However, there is a grave danger about their exhaustion. Also, the burning up of these fuels to generate power is one of the main causes of pollution, a major cause of global warming. So, we need to generate power by preserving our resources and also not pollute the environment. Using the sun’s rays could be one of the best solutions to overcome this issue.

The demand for going solar is high and if you are waiting for the prices to go down, it probably won’t go any lower due to the dispute over the solar panel trade. So, this seems to be the right time for getting a solar panel for your home. Although getting a solar panel for the house may seem like a huge investment, it could turn out to be one of the best financial decisions you make. Here in this blog, we will read to know how getting a solar for home could be a beneficial idea.

1. The Solar Tax Credit – The legislation regarding the tax reforms was passed recently according to which there will be a 30% credit of the solar investment tax. In addition to it, after 2019 the credit will supposedly drop to almost 26% and in 2021, the drop will be down to almost 10%. For most of the homeowners, this 30% solar ITC (investment tax credit) could turn out to provide a little tax relief. It is to be noted that the ITC will not be considered a tax deduction, but it will be a credit which can be used towards paying the taxes.

2. Save On Your Bills – With the sun powering the solar panels to generate electricity to run the electrical, appliances, etc., at home, you will be cutting down a lot on the electricity and utility bills. Also, the excess solar electricity that has been generated on the sunny days can be stored in the grid with a credit on it, which can be used when the solar production is lower during the fall, winter, or on cloudy days.

3. Quick ROI – The tax credits and the savings from the lowered utility bill amounts are the ways wherein you will have an appreciable and a quick return on investment. Depending on the usage of your solar system, the consumption of electricity, and many other factors, the long-term tax credit & utility bill savings is assured to return the investment you made on the solar panel. Also, with the unpredictable inflation and electricity prices, it is better to save a dollar today for the future. At FutureSolarUSA, we will provide free installation and the product will come with a 25-year warranty, which will help in accumulating your savings for a long time after the product installation.

4. Increase in Property Value – Apart from all the other savings, getting a solar panel for your home could also boost the real-estate value of your home. Studies have shown that the homes with solar panels are likely to be sold at a better price and relatively quicker than the properties that come without the solar products. Most of the property buyers prefer buying homes with an already installed solar-panel and are also ready to compensate for their investment.

By keeping in mind the aforementioned factors, it is beyond doubt that now is the right time to go solar. Not only the appreciable ROI, by getting a solar panel, you will also be contributing towards saving the environment and help in generating less pollution. Choose us and let us serve you. We assure that you shall take pride in your decision of going solar. Our team will research well and will decide on the suitable options.