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Goku and android 18 lemon

As promised a separate Android 18 and Goku story, they're really an interesting couple if one look past the hot chick and hero stereotype. Goku have a warm but crass personality which blends nicely with 18's cool and grace. Opposites attract but only if they have something in common and what they have in common is the best part of their personalities, and it is their protectiveness over the people they care about. Despite Goku being dumb and crass and 18's outward coldness, when someone mess with Krillin, they went beyond their limits.
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18's release Chapter 1, a dragon ball z fanfic | FanFiction

Hello everyone DragonSonic with a DBZ lemon fanfiction Story and this will be my 1st DBZ Lemon fanfiction ever made so…im gonna try my very best to make this long than the other stories that I have already done so far. This chapter is going to be Goku x 18 Story so….. Goku panted as he sat on the ground as he wiped his forehead with his right hand. I wonder if I should visit master roshi today….. When the saiyan had reached the kame house he descended to the ground and walked to the door and opened it, only to see a Woman with blonde hair and blue eyes Android Android 18 was a very powerful android with infinite power, she was beautiful and deadly as well. Goku had picked rose and flew back to the kame house.
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Her Womanhood felt as though it were on fire as the man who had her on all fours like a bitch in heat pounded her relentlessly with his massive, thick cock. No, it wasn't Krillin, but Earth's greatest hero, Son Goku. The man grabbed her tits, playing with the large, sensitive mounds as he plunged himself deeper and deeper, practically grazing her womb. Her jaw clenched as hard as possible, 18 didn't think she was a screamer until she tried to desperately keep silent, that task failing outright. The beautiful Android began seeing stars as her demand was answered with a flare of golden aura, the Saiyans speed increased exponentially and the sounds of wet flesh filling both the lovers ears making the entire ordeal too much to bear for the blonde.
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An old weary voice resounded through the darkness of a cavern, he looked on at his creation and then smirked to himself, turning around he looked to a television screen that ran rampart with images, voices of people playing out to him. His eyes gleemed with eagerness at the thought of his plan coming to fruition. The television shut off and the old man looked away from it, turning back he looked to the object of his hardwork.
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